Life Fitness


  • fluency of steps with IsoTrack ™
  • system of climbing pedals based on symmetrical paths, belt-drive provides pleasure of training and fluency of moves.
  • Heart Rate Monitoring System Lifepulse ™
  • Digital heart rate sensors are in the handles and measure heart rate. Polar® heart rate sensor measures heart rate even without contact.
  • Choice of 26 motivating workouts, including 5 Zone Training + ™, which keeps a specific heart rate training for a specific target and interval workouts. All this is very attractive to the user.
  • Optional extra power is good for the user in bad shape, because it allows them to reduce the starting level of difficulty.
  • special sliding mechanism is responsible for the natural movement of the steps. Each leg is run separately to balance the forces. Handrails and handles help to keep the correct posture.
  •  Self-power is very comfortable. You can place the machine wherever you want.
  •  HD LCD TV 17” optionally we can add  HD LCD TV 17 “- you can connect training with fun. If you have an ipod or iphone,  you can use it too. You only need a composite AV cable, which is sold separately.

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